Guitar Building Requires Only 2 Essentials

If you are a guitar building and guitar playing enthusiast, all you need to make your own perfect guitar are two main things, the band saw and a drill press. There are a few other appliances involved too but they are in my opinion just a luxury. So, guitar building problem can be solved by the use of just 2 things that I have mentioned above. Honestly speaking, if I had to choose one tool, I would go for a band saw because it helps in handling multiple tasks, like sawing, cutting, carving, etc.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should leave out the rest of the appliances that can ultimately assist you in designing your guitar. Especially, if you are a professional luthier, and you can spend some more, you must buy other equipment too such as joiners and planers because they’ll save your time and sweat.

Functions of a Band Saw

  • Every 14″ band saw would be suitable to the guitar creation mission, as the wood used in guitar building is fairly tiny.
  • If you are scheduling to refine your individual stock and re-carving over 5” of chunkiness, slightly a tad heftier is necessary.
  • A usual 14” band saw can re-saw as good as about 5” in bulk.
  • For shaping broader stock, you require force, at best 3 HP.
  • The 14” band saws normally arrive with 1HP.
  • With a 3HP band saw with the correct blade, organized correctly, clipping 12” wide stash would not be problematic.
  • This is very useful once obtaining wood in as logs, boards or flitches, since it will allow you to saw for full produce, whereas receiving the preferred piece and results.


Drill Press 16”-17”

  • A fine working and affordable vertical drill press is the next requirement in guitar building. Even though a counter best model will accomplish supreme jobs in addition to a standing model, the additional throat penetration, stroke dimension, and height alteration are crucial on occasions. The rate variance is marginal, once you consider all the profits you are going to receive.
  • The throat penetration on a band saw is one half of the volume. Hence, a 14” drill press has a throat access of 7.”
  • For guitar edifice, a gorge profundity of no less than 8” is suggested. If you need to drill close to the center of your workspace, a 16” or 17” version will labor purely well.
  • A drill press is multipurpose. It can be expended on metal along with wood, and might similarly be managed as a simple duty drum sander by means of a platen fixed in the barb.
  • Scraping slanted on a drill press had better only be the very last option. The appliance is not aimed to see to this.
  • If you are working your drill press to smooth, elude planting any abrupt pressure on the barb of a band saw, because this would finally end in certain juddering in the barb.
  • This will cause holes, which are not the wished-for thing, and furthermore it decreases the operative energy of the drill press.
  • A drill press is one and only the paramount assets you can attain. It is comparatively cheap and a fitting one will continue for generations.

Aside these 2 major necessities, you can invest in the following equipment to make things easier.

  1. Table Saw
  2. Cross Cut Box
  3. Joiners and Planers
  4. Drum Sanders
  5. Disc and Belt Sanders
  6. Oscillating Spindle Sanders
  7. Shapers and Router Tables


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Often times, we get carried away by what we think we want or what we think we deserve to the point that we disregard the worth and value of what we presently possess. To start with, don’t you know that it’s a privilege for you to be alive? Have you seen any dead man pursuing his dreams and goals? Appreciate the fact that you are alive first while other things follow. It is a great privilege for you to have the things you possess. While you are working hard to get other things or to get better in life, appreciate what you have at the moment. Though you think you deserve more, but know it today that many people are praying to God for that thing you have. What a privilege for you to be where you are today. What a privilege for you to have what you have. I know that the challenges facing you are daunting, but you are still better than so many people, that’s a privilege.

Appreciate what you have and where you are right now. Use that situation as a launching pad for your desires and dreams. The truth you should know is that the seeds and the tools you need to get to your desired future are hidden in your present position, if you don’t appreciate your present position and cultivate your land there, you can’t find these opportunities that will move you to the place you desire. What a privilege for you to be in that situation. You are there because your opportunities are there. Stop being negative about the things around you. Your situation isn’t the worst on earth. Open up your eyes and see the immeasurable opportunities for greatness around you. Do you know that some people are praying that God should put them in your shoes right now and they will change the world for good? Others are seeing greatness around you, please dear friends, stop seeing mediocrity.
I tell you without any shadow of doubt today that “What you have is all you need to be great in life”. Think on this thing. Everything you ever desire in life is embedded inside what you have right now.

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This is the only type of women you should have in your life

Jocelyn McKenna Luter when I am down, you always do everything in your power to pick me back up. I can never truly face times of trouble because you ease the pain from wounds that one may have never thought would heal. You enrich my life in a way that I don’t think you quite understand. You are truly the time of women whose love can mold a boy like the one I used to be into the man that I am now trying my hardest to be for you. I give 200% everyday of my life to ensure that I can improve at least one of my childish faults so that I can continue doing my best to try and make you happy. After all its only what you deserve considering how every time you kiss me I fall further in love with you. As I lay in my bed at night all of our memories together from the day that I met you play in my head over and over. They make me smile, cry, blush, and so much more and its all a by product of me realizing just how in love I am with you. You are my everything. My world. The center of my universe and the only reason my heart is no longer numb and cold. Just by a glance of your gorgeous eyes I melt. Its amazing how I can confess all of my sins to you and you can still look at me and honestly a big teddy bear. The fact that you let me know how much I comfort you in the simplest ways warms my heart. I am going to continue falling over and over for the rest of my life.
Baby girl, I love you to the moon, past the stars and back. I could sing you a million loves songs but that would be pointless because my most favorite love song is the one we’re still making every single day

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“There is no virtue in a woman learning how to speak, but there would be in teaching her to hold her tongue”. Elizabeth I of England. I am no sexist or chauvinist but I share fully in the The Virgin Queen’s also known as The Gloriana submissions.

In holding the tongue, she becomes even more stronger as a person and looks inwards for inner strength which gets through prayers and meditations. Through prayers she finds the remedy and antidote to the many complexities that confronts and tends to confuse her and her relationship.

The woman that prays is a solid rock for her husband and family. She is the General who leads the fight against the invading enemies of the home. The woman that prays is a sure asset for her man and husband, she is as Scriptures says, a boon twice over. She is his most Prized possession.

The woman that prays is however, limited in circulation. She isn’t given to indulging in worldly pleasures and social validations. Oh how gladdening it is for a man when he finds the woman that prays. The woman that prays speaks peace, prosperity, happiness, increase, stability, understanding, break through into her man’s life so he can be blessed.

The woman that prays makes up for the lapses and weakness of her man. When Scriptures say “he who finds a wife has found a good thing”, it speaks more about the woman that prays.

Dear brothers, if you want to succeed, then find the woman that prays for she shall quicken your success.

I love women who prays.

I love mine, She prays!

When you find such woman, pray that you don’t ever let go of her because no General goes to battle without His Spiritual Guide.

I Speak, I Compere, I Volunteer!

Call for your events if you need a unique touch of class!

OjisiEmezie… Think it! Believe it! Work at it! Achieve it!

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Tour DoonHame – Traffic Management

Tour DoonHame – Traffic Management

Look out for event signage on affected routes.

Look out for event signage on affected routes.

Look out for event signage on affected routes.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. The routes for each stage of the Tour DoonHame have been devised in consultation with the police and local authority and are designed to minimise disruption to normal road traffic.

The main pack of competitors in a cycle road race travels at an average speed around 25 mph. While some delays are inevitable, road users are unlikely to be delayed for more than a few minutes when the race passes in the opposite direction.

If travelling behind the race you may be held up a little longer. However, if you are planning to use any of the roads specified below, you may wish to allow extra time for your journey, or use an alternative route.


Temporary Traffic Management Orders:
The 2012 race route will cover various roads in Dumfries & Galloway, South Ayrshire and Scottish Borders. Details of Temporary Traffic Management Orders along with lists of the roads affected will be shown below when available.

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Tour DoonHame – Event Safety

event_safety2The Tour DoonHame organisers consider the safety of event participants, road users and spectators to be paramount. Please help us to keep everyone safe by heeding the advice given on this page.

Safety Advice for Drivers

Safety Advice for Spectators

Tour DoonHame participants will be briefed separately on safety matters. This page is for the information of the general public.


The cyclists and their support vehicles will be preceded by vehicles with amber warning lights and warning notices displaying “CAUTION – CYCLE RACE “. Event Safety marshals on motorcycles signed ‘CAUTION – CYCLE EVENT’. When you see one of these vehicles approaching please slow down and be prepared to stop for a few minutes until the race has passed.

The race will be escorted by roads policing cars and motorcycles from Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary and Strathclyde Police working in association with our event safety motorcycle marshals. Police officers and traffic wardens will also be at key road junctions on the route – please follow their signals and instructions.

The race route covers roads in Dumfries & Galloway, South Ayrshire and Scottish Borders. All roads used will be the subject of a Temporary Traffic Management Order that enables the police to escort the race under a temporary ‘rolling road closure’. The closure takes effect from when the leading roads policing escort vehicle passes until the last race support vehicle behind the race passes.
event_safety1The roads policing officers escorting the race will direct oncoming traffic to slow down and stop, keeping well in to the left of the road. Whenever possible, drivers will be directed to pull off the main carriageway and wait, e.g. in a lay-by, side road etc. Use hazard warning lights when appropriate.

Please heed any advice offered by our event safety motorcycle marshals. They have your safety and that of the competitors in mind.

The cyclists may be in one large group or may have split into two or more groups. Therefore, you may be given instructions/advice by roads policing officers or event safety marshals more than once.

Please wait until each group of cyclists and race support vehicles has passed. When the main group of cyclists and support vehicles have passed please proceed with care as you may encounter groups of back markers on the road.
If you are driving behind the race, please exercise patience and do not attempt to overtake as this would put you in breach of the temporary road closure order referred to above. Please follow the instructions of any roads police officers present.

An example of the event signage that will be displayed at appropriate locations on the race route

An example of the event signage that will be displayed at appropriate locations on the race route

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. If you do encounter the race we hope you will enjoy the spectacle of one of the UK’s major cycling events. Please accept our apologies for any delay to your journey.


The route for the Tour DoonHame road race has been risk assessed by the organisers and appropriate risk management measures have been developed. Cycle road racing has a good safety record. Please help us maintain that record by following the guidelines below.

• Please arrive at your vantage point early enough to find suitable parking.
• Park legally and considerately, off the race route if possible, e.g. lay-by or side road.
• Comply with all temporary parking restrictions, e.g. No Waiting cones, both on the route and at the stage start/finish areas.
• Off-route parking is available within easy reach of the stage start/finish areas.
• Please park considerately – do not block access to homes, business premises etc.

Pet Owners:
• Please keep pets under your direct control while the race passes. Racing cyclists can attain 40 mph on the flat – faster downhill.

• Please keep young children under your direct control.
• Set the brake on prams and buggies and park them well away from the roadside.

• Do not stand on the road as the race approaches – competitors may use the full width of the road. Always stand on the footpath or verge.
• Please stand behind any safety barriers, tapes or ropes present.
• Please follow all safety advice given by police officers and/or event marshals.
• The motorcycle Event Safety Marshals escorting the race may offer safety advice to pedestrians and other road users. Please comply with their instructions. The purpose of these volunteer marshals is to ensure the safety of race participants and the public alike.

• Never stand in the road to photograph the race. There are many vantage points on the route which, with a little forward planning, offer safe opportunities to get great shots.
• Keep your camera out of the riders’ path.

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