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Holiday Pet Travel Tips -- Bring Your Pet With You

Holiday Pet Travel Tips - The holidays are one of the peak periods for travel, and also it is the best time to take your pet dog in addition to you. Whether you are off on a ski holiday, going to household or maybe delighting in the enchanting feeling of a Swiss village at Xmas time, having your best friend along will certainly make the journey more delightful.
Holiday Pet Travel Tips

Make certain to consider animal identification prior to you leave. Pet ID tags with your TELEPHONE NUMBER are great since there will certainly not be anybody at home to respond to the phone. You ought to take into consideration the included safety of an animal silicon chip. If your pet dog is separated from you, a shelter or a vet can check out the chip, and they can after that track you down via the data source of the company that produced the integrated circuit. If you are going to be investing a couple of weeks in one area, consider buying a second Animal ID tag with the get in touch with information on where you will certainly be remaining.

Pet crates are a fantastic method to maintain your pet dog risk-free when traveling in the automobile. Unless a pet dog is constrained or used, its habits can trigger wonderful diversion to the chauffeur of the car. As much as most of us like our smaller sized pet dog in our lap, it is detrimental to the safety and security of the pet, the driver, as well as the travelers riding in the vehicle. A collision, even at a slow speed, could seriously wound an unrestrained animal. The safety and security of your animal is your obligation. Make sure and buckle them in (just as you provide for yourself) or constrain them in a dog crate.
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If it is hot or very cool, do not leave your pet in the car alone. Be prepared by having a supply of water, food as well as water/food bowls in the car. You may not discover the brand of pet dog food they are used to where you are going.

If your animal is larger than about 15 pounds, as well as you are passing by air, then you will require a pet dog crate that is compliant with the International Airline Transportation Organization (IATA) policies. If you will be remaining in a hotel, after that the pet dog crate is the appropriate area to leave your pet dog while you go out to supper. See to it that the pet cage is large enough to ensure that your pet can stand as well as reverse. Be sure to leave an ample supply of food and water to last for the period that you will certainly be away. It is additionally a smart idea to position an absorbing pet pad in the bottom of the crate that will maintain your pet completely dry in case of accidents.
pet travel product

Buy your pet crate well ahead of your journey to make sure that the pet can become made use of to it prior to you take a trip. Pet crates are available in two pieces, a top and a bottom. For a few days leave the top off the pet crate and placed treats as well as a favorite toy in just the bottom portion. After seeing that your pet is comfortable, put together the crate as well as leave the door open. Invite them in with praise as well as deals with.

Traveling with your pet is very easy these days. Almost all airline companies accept animals aboard the airplane. Really small family pets could often take a trip in the cabin of the airplane with you in an airline certified pet provider. Bigger pets will certainly travel as checked luggage in a special section of the cargo hold where the temperature and pressure is the same as in the cabin. Make sure to inform the captain of the aircraft that you have a family pet in freight as he will certainly take extra like keep the temperature level as well as pressure at the appropriate levels. You will certainly need a health certificate mentioning that your family pet is healthy and balanced enough to fly. Make certain to make appointments early as the airlines just allow a restricted number of family pets each flight. Steer clear of from clinical tranquilizers for your family pet and also rather provide a natural product that makes them much less anxious such as a product called Pleased Traveler.
pet travel care

You will certainly need lodging on the way. A fantastic bulk of animal friendly hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts that accept animals yet they do not constantly accept all kinds and also dimensions. It is essential making your bookings in advance and also ask about their pet dog plan. Under no circumstances need to you leave your animal in the automobile over night.

When traveling, maintain your pet on their typical timetable by feeding them as well as taking them for their "stroll" as near to the routine time as feasible. Make certain to load a supply of plastic bags to bring on those strolls. If you are taking a trip with a cat, there are mobile cat trash trays offered. Recognize that your pet dog is out of their typical environments, so be sure and also maintain them on a leash and enjoy them carefully. Assure them must they show signs of anxiousness or stress and anxiety.

Be considerate of other individuals. Although there are numerous pet lovers in this world, there are some that do not feel comfy around pets. Respect others by restraining your pet dog when necessary.

pet travel suppliesSo whether your location is Grandma's home, a hill cabin or a ski hotel in Switzerland your pet can accompany you with the appropriate preparing. International locations require special vet certifications, nevertheless when traveling to the majority of nations, there will be no quarantine of your animal.

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Pet Wellness Supplements - Veterinary Medicine Loses to Big Pharma

Pet Wellness Supplements - Well it's validated. The requisition of veterinary medication in the United States as well as other initial globe nations is validated. Big Pharma has ultimately made it to the finish line. Should animal owners and their pets enjoy about this take over? Well, I wouldn't begin planning the party just yet since baseding upon many veterinarians around this is not something to be happy around. Exactly what does this mean for pet dog wellness and also all-natural pet health care?
pet wellness supplement

As a result of the massive revenues that can be produced with family pets, these medication business for years have invested much time and effort in a hostile campaign to reword veterinarian institution educational program, affecting vets as well as persuading pet dog owners right into assuming their family pets require medications in order to grow and also be healthy. Thanks to advertising funded by money grubbing disinterested medicine companies, most customers already reveal a cult like idea in pharmaceutical medicine. So, for Big Pharma it was easy to persuade pet dog proprietors that their animals need the exact same.

It prevails technique nowadays for vets in the US to exercise chemical based medication on family pets. Immediately upon diagnosis, the pet proprietor is given a prescription of a costly trademarked pharmaceutical - a so called immediate fix to be given to their pet. If this is insufficient, the FDA has actually given authorization for Prozac, a super mind modifying medicine prescribed to dogs, as well as several usual medications for people are now being used on animals. This includes chemotherapy drugs for cancer therapy. Together with this, usual animal disorders such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus, heart disease as well as clinical depression are likewise being treated with harmful medications without even the mention of all-natural animal health care as a healing home.

Needless to say, pet health is currently in quick decrease and also pet dog owners actually should be vigilant in their animal health methods, and also look for a better option to heal their animal's ailment. Any kind of veterinarian exercising for more than ten years will tell you that the outcome of the Big Pharma take over is that dogs and felines and also various other animals are sicker than ever before. These vets have actually seen a rise in the rate of liver condition, nerve system conditions, cancers cells as well as diabetes mellitus. This is due to the fact that family pets are being regularly infected by bad family pet food and medications. Also prominent flea as well as tick drug on their own are very hazardous to your pet's liver.
pet vitamin supplement

Huge Pharma influence has transformed vet medication right into a joke, best along with the standard medicine system for people. No longer is the objective of medication to heal any person. The objective now is to profit by dealing with managing diseases without actually curing or stopping them. Why would certainly they do this? Attach the dots. To gain from repeat company as well as a lucrative one at that! Let me not even discuss the rates vets are billing these days especially in emergency treatment. The fees are outrageous! And the audacity of animal clinics who are making the most of people's compassion when they save a family pet charging $500. for saline remedy! These pet clinics are exploiting human generosity for high earnings. The amount of people do you assume will now have no choice however to reconsider before they save an injured or defenseless pet?

So just what do pet proprietors do when faced with a circumstance where their priceless family pet requires medical aid? Luckily there is another path for animal wellness with alternative specialists in vet medicine. These specialists are a lot more abundant in veterinary medicine than in human medication.

Why the pet wellness course of animal natural health care is the direction to go.

pet vitamins

1. Holistic veterinarians comprehend nourishment, herbs, homeopathy and other natural modalities.

2. All natural vets suggest solutions and treat pets in manner ins which are forbidden in human medication - since these solutions have a positive side - they function!

3. Holistic veterinarians are regularly in their industry for the love of animals and also the belief in an all-natural system of medications for conditions. This makes them human instead of donkeys that are constantly attempting to pave their monetary future by exploiting ill animals and also the love pet proprietors have for their pet dogs.

My canine's holistic veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Jones once made a declaration that I have never forgotten. "Any kind of veterinarian that assumes a canine is depressed and also needs antidepressants need to truthfully have their license revoked and gotten rid of to a distant island over occupied with sexually aggressive baboons!" I wish I can in some way reveal you the expression on his face when he said this as well as exactly how although I chuckled from his option of words I also believed - this man is seriously angry concerning the situation. Not shocking as he is one those vets exactly who do exactly what he provides for the love of pets as well as his idea in alternative medicine.
pet product websites

When we consider the horrible poisoning in family pet foods in mix with pharmaceutical medicine, the future of mainstream pet dog health is quite dark. Lots of brands of pet food claiming to be "clinical" brands are truly just crap. Just specialized pet food companies supply really healthy, toxic free pet food.

Mainstream vet methods total up to nothing more than chemical abuse of pet dogs, pet cats and various other pets. Sadly, this industry has actually swiped values for profit as well as no longer has any interest in helping to enhance the quality of life of our pet dogs. Nutrition has actually been dismissed and changed with a system of chemical invasion resulting in getting worse long-term wellness. The exact same has been occurring in human healthcare for years now, which is why holistic experts in human and pet health care are speaking out and also giving us one more avenue of hope for ourselves as well as our animals.

The correct usage of pharmaceuticals

pet products supply

Animal health methods tell us it is essential to recognize the opposite side of the coin for just a minute. Some chemical drugs do have a duty in top quality veterinary treatment. As an example:

1. Pain medication - have a valuable yet restricted role.

2. Anti-biotics - can be useful in certain circumstances.

Take care since anti-biotics, even in human medicine are greatly abused worldwide.

Beware that treating pets and pet cats with antidepressants, radiation treatment, diabetes mellitus drugs, statin medications, weakening of bones drugs and various other such chemical brokers is absurd.

Make no mistake that a lot of pet health problems can be stopped and cured with excellent nutrition. A lot more problematic health and wellness disorders can be financially and safely solved with natural therapies and naturopathic techniques best known as all-natural family pet healthcare.

Family pet Health Traits to Do - Today!

1. Switch over to a healthy and balanced, all-natural, holistic family pet diet plan. Make fresh meals from square one whenever possible. Dr. Jones informed me that family pets must not be raised to live routinely on processed foods. Read the record: Animal Food Contents Revealed

2. Take an appointment with an alternative vet to investigate just how he is a preferable professional for your animal. Since state authorities are attempting to de-license naturopathic veterinarians, all natural or naturopathic animal treatment specialists commonly do not have the same licensing credentials as normal veterinarians. This is taking place due to the fact that Big Pharma possesses state licensing boards as well as naturopathic pet treatment professionals pose a danger to their freshly found cash cow. You will certainly most likely need to seek out naturopathic animal treatment specialists by yourself and neglect the state licensing boards. Dr. Jones discussed to me that in his encounter he has discovered that licensing credentials are essentially pointless. Often times the more qualifications a veterinarian has the much more deeply he is brainwashed right into a pharmaceutical method to vet medication. Please take into consideration changing your normal vet with a holistic or naturopathic animal care professional once you have actually completed your examinations.

3. Get back to essentials. Nutrition, exercise, condition avoiding as well as natural animal health care.

Much like in the weight loss world, do not be suckered in by the "miracle tablet." What animals require, much like individuals, is solid nutrition as well as alternative medicine from nature. Animal health implies using natural family pet health care solutions, raw food diet plans, and naturopathic animal health care.

Mike Adams makes some intriguing factors.

The primary thrust of his short article is to become YOU to think about exactly what is taking place conventionally, as well as inquiry why.
pet promotional product

1. Take matters into your personal hands. Whether you utilize a holistic Veterinarian- inquiry suggestions. after that understand all of the therapy alternatives.

2. Get yourself enlightened on All-natural Pet dog Health Care.You could go to institution or take a residence research training course.

3. Differ your pet dog's diet plan- some Raw, some Home-Made as well as Kibble. Add to a quality supplement.

4. HANG OUT being WITH your Pet and Feline. Most of us to commonly fail to remember the more important psychological element of health.

5. The Vaccine point once more ... as little and also as infrequently as feasible!!

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10 Alternatives To Getting Rid Of Your Pet

Pet Grooming Pictures Clip Art - So you've had your dog or cat for a while, and your life is changing, and now you think you need to get rid of your pet. But are you sure this is what you want to do? Getting rid of your pet is a very drastic measure. If you leave your pet at a shelter, you may think he will find a new home soon. But it is unlikely. Many high-kill shelters must euthanize animals each day in order to make room for new ones who have come in. Some animals are only at the shelter for four or five days before they run out of luck. Fifty-six percent of dogs and seventy-six percent of cats in shelters are euthanized... many of them healthy, well-behaved animals whose owners simply didn't have time for them anymore. Even in a no-kill shelter, your pet may be doomed to live out the rest of his life in a small cage if he is not chosen for adoption. 
dog grooming graphics

If you are willing to try keeping your pet, there are many things you can do. Lets look at some of the most common reasons why people get rid of their pets, and how to get around them.

Reason 1: I'm moving. 

Solution: Bring your pet with! A quick Google search for "pet-friendly housing" will show you many different directories of rental housing that allows pets. Here are just a few that I found: People With Pets, Pets Welcome, My New Place, Pets911, Home With Pets, and Dog House Properties. And pet-friendly housing is not just limited to those sites! Many apartment buildings and complexes will allow pets. You may have to pay an extra security deposit. But in the end, it will be worth it, to keep your pet with you! 
free grooming clipart

Here is something else you should know. If things get really bad and you have no place to live, you still may not have to give up your pet. Pets Of The Homeless is a website that works to help homeless people to keep their pets, or find temporary homes for their pets until they get back on their feet.

Reason 2: I can no longer afford my pets. 

Solution: Call your local animal shelter, or food pantry, and ask about pet food banks. They do exist, and are becoming more and more common! You can even make your own dog food, which may be cheaper in the long run. (Its not difficult! Dogs can eat much of the same things we eat!) Your local animal shelter, or your veterinarian, may also be able to tell you about free or low cost vet care for your pets.
dog grooming pictures styles

Reason 3: My new boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/roommate doesn't like pets. 

Solution: Are you really going to sacrifice your pet on someone else's whim? Are you sure you want to date someone or live with someone who doesn't like pets? That's a pretty big lifestyle change to make for someone else. If you're sure you want to stick with this person, work out a compromise. Maybe your pet can be banned from certain areas of the house, like the bedroom or the kitchen.

Reason 4: My new boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/roommate is allergic to my pet. 

Solution: As long as the person's allergy isn't life threatening, there are many things you can do to greatly reduce the allergens on your pet. Keeping your house clean is a giant step. Dust and vacuum frequently, and use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter if possible. You can buy an air filter for your home that sucks the allergens out of the air. A company called AllerPet makes a special liquid that you can wipe your pet down with regularly to get rid of the allergens on him. Sprinkling flax seeds in your pet's food can also reduce the amount of dander he produces. The person may even be willing to take allergy medication! After all, many people have seasonal allergies and take medicine regularly. They don't just get rid of the seasons!
dog grooming clipart free

Reason 5: We're having a baby. 

Solution: Pets and children are a great combination! Most pets are perfectly fine around children, although they may be a little confused by the new arrival at first. You should always supervise your pet around young children. When your child is an infant, he probably won't be unsupervised anyways, right? As your child gets older, you will have to teach the child to be gentle with the pets. Do not allow your child to pull your pet's tail, poke him, pick him up, etc. Many people feel that a pet should be obligated to put up with whatever your child deals out. But that is not good for anyone involved! Teaching your child, from a young age, to be calm and nurturing around pets, is a great learning experience for the child. If you have a dog, you may want to do some extra training with him before the baby comes, to teach him not to jump up on you when you're holding the baby, etc. Other measures may include banning the pets from certain areas of the house, hiring someone to come walk your dogs or clean up after your pets when you don't have time to, etc.

Reason 6: I have developed health problems. 

Solution: Speak to your veterinarian, neighbors, friends, people at your place of worship, etc. You can probably find some volunteers to help you take care of your pet. Having a pet can be a source of comfort when you are ill. In fact, many studies have shown that people with pets have lower blood pressure, lower heart rates, and are generally more healthy, than those without pets. If your health problems are so severe that you must move into a nursing home, maybe you can find someone willing too foster your pet for you.
dog images clip art

Reason 7: My pet has developed costly health problems. 

Solution: Speak to your veterinarian about this. They may be able to guide you to low cost veterinary clinics, veterinary schools that offer low cost treatment, etc. Many veterinary offices now offer payment plans for treatment. They may be able to help you find creative ways of raising money to pay for your pet's treatment, too!

Reason 8: My pet still isn't house trained. 

Solution: If your pet is suddenly having "accidents" around the house when he used to be house trained, there could be a medical reason. You may want to consult your veterinarian. If the house training has just never completely been accomplished, you may have to start over from scratch. For a dog, take him out more frequently and try to get him on a schedule. If you are not home during the day, and your dog is eliminating on the floor or furniture while you are gone, you may want to consider crating him while you are not home. For a cat, switching to a different kind of litter, getting a bigger litter box, or moving the litter box to a different area of the house, can help. Clean up accidents with a mixture of vinegar and water. This mixture gets rid of the scent of urine or poop, so that the pet doesn't feel the need to "mark" that area again.

Reason 9: I work long hours, and don't have much time to spend with my pet. Its not fair to him. 

dog bone pictures clip art

Solution: While it may seem unfair that your pet has to spend time alone, it is still better than making him take his chances in a shelter! There are simple measures, such as providing stimulating toys for your pets, or leaving the TV on during the day, that can help your pet to feel less lonely. One nice thing you can do is buy your pet a special blanket. Sleep with it in your bed for a few nights before you give it to your pet. It will smell like you, and offer comfort to your pet when you are away from the house! You may also want to consider pet day care, or hiring someone to stop in during the day to play with your pets. Also, spending as little as fifteen minutes before you leave for work, just playing with your pet and spending quality time with him, can make a real difference. You don't have to be a perfect owner and spend tons of time hanging out with your pet. He will love you the way you are... and again, it is better to be alone at your home than to die alone in a shelter.

Reason 10: My pet has behavior problems. He bites/scratches/jumps on me, barks too much, etc. 

You may want to consider a training class for yourself and your pet. Petco and Petsmart offer fairly inexpensive training classes. It can be a good investment! If you can't afford this, then the library can provide books on dog training, and the Internet can provide websites with tips. Try Googling a specific problem you're having. For instance, search for "teach dog to stop barking." Spending ten or fifteen minutes a day working with your dog, and then consistently rewarding your dog for positive behavior, can make a huge difference.

These are just a few of the common reasons why people consider giving up their pets. But remember, every problem has a solution. So, before you give up on your pet, please take some time to remedy the problems!

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7 Secrets To Choosing A Safe, Healthy Pet Food & Supplies-Dracut

Healthy Pets Food & Supplies-Dracut - Do you choose canned food or dry food? What brand? There are so many different brands, all shapes and sizes of pet food to choose from and pet owners are provided with very little information to base your decisions on (other than advertising) - it can get so confusing! Well, buckle your seatbelt depending on how much you know of the pet food industry, this could be a bumpy ride! You are about to learn seven secrets - well kept secrets - of pet food. Sit back, brace yourself, and keep reading.
pet food storage

Beneful says it's 'Premium Dog Food for a Happy, Healthy Dog' and sells for around $18.00 for a 31 lb. bag, Science Diet "promises" 'precisely balanced nutrition through continuous research and the highest quality food backed by your Vets endorsement' and sells for around $21.00 for only a 20 lb bag. Then there are numerous pet foods that make the very same statements - 'Premium Dog Food, Highest Quality' - that sell for $30.00 or more for a 20 lb bag. And the same holds true for cat owners...Do you choose Whiskas that states 'Everything we do is about making cats happy!' or do you choose one of those high end cat foods that make the very same claim of a happy, healthy cat but cost 3 times as much?

Now with the on-going pet food recall pet owners have questions such as 'Has this food been recalled?' or 'Is this food the next one to be recalled?'...'Is my pet safe?' Wow this is confusing! And scary too! What exactly is a pet owner to do? How about learning a few secrets! Equipped with the knowledge of a few secrets of pet food, it's not nearly as confusing.

Secret #1...

All pet foods use descriptive words like choice and premium, though few of them actually use premium or choice ingredients in their food. The 'secret' is that per the rules of the pet food industry, no pet food can make any claims or references on their label or advertising as to the quality or grade of ingredients. You see, the word 'premium' when it's related to pet food DOES NOT mean that the ingredients in the food are premium. With pet foods, premium does not (can not) describe the food nor does it (can it) describe the quality of the food. It is a marketing term and that is all. Per the pet food industries own rules and regulations, "There are no references to ingredient quality or grade" (regulation PF5 d 3). So, words like premium, or choice, or quality are just marketing or sales terms. They should not be interpreted as terms describing the quality of the food.
Now why wouldn't a pet food label be allowed to tell a prospective customer the quality of their ingredients? Doesn't a pet owner deserve to know what they are buying? This leads me to the next secret...
pet food storage bin


If I can compare 'people' food to pet food for just a second, we all know there are different qualities of people food. There is White Castle (I'm guilty here, I love the little guys!) and there is Outback Steak House (another favorite). Both restaurants serve meat and potatoes. At White Castle for under $3.00 you can get a couple of hamburgers and an order of fries. While at Outback you can get a steak and baked potato for around $16.00. Both serve beef and potato - yet you already realize that there are huge nutritional differences between a fast food hamburger and a steak...right?
The problem in the pet food industry - is that most pet owners don't think in the same terms when it comes to pet food. They don't think in terms that there are fast food types of pet foods and there are sit down restaurant more nutritious types of pet foods. In fact, several years ago a young man tried this very experiment with his own diet - eating nothing but fast food for 30 days. In just one month of eating fast food three meals a day, he gained a great deal of weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels sky-rocketed. Now, imagine your pet eating this type of food its' entire lifetime.
OK, so back to our two meals...if a chemical analysis of your meal at White Castle was compared to a chemical analysis of your meal at Outback - both would analyze with a percentage of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Regardless whether you consider a steak at Outback a higher quality of protein than the burger - it would still analyze as protein. The analysis doesn't measure quality of protein.
pet food industry news

So here is the secret...All pet foods come with a Guaranteed Analysis stating the percentage of protein, fat, fiber and moisture in the food. The REAL secret lies in the quality of the percentages of protein, fat, and so on.
In a chemical analysis of a pet food - chicken feet would analyze as protein, although granted it provides very little nutrition. And as well, a cow that was euthanized (put to sleep) because of a disease that made it unfit for human consumption - would analyze as protein although that could be considered dangerous for consumption. Both of those things - chicken feet and a euthanized cow - are allowable ingredients and commonly used in pet food. You see the secret within the pet food industry is manufacturers have a WIDE OPEN door to where they obtain their ingredients. The only strict rule they must follow is an adult dog food must analyze with 18% protein and an adult cat food must analyze with 26% protein. Sources to acquire those particular percentages range from a 'human grade' meat, to chicken feet, to euthanized animals, to grain proteins, to even man made chemical proteins and many variations in between.
Pet food labels do not have to tell - are not allowed to tell - the sources they use to obtain that required 18% or 26% protein. And to make matters worse...quality minded pet food manufacturers - the companies that use 100% human grade ingredients - are not allowed to tell customers or potential customers that their products are quality, human grade ingredients.
So how can you know if your pet's food uses chicken feet or euthanized cows or if it contains human grade ingredients?

Secret #3...

If the words premium and choice mean basically nothing with regards to the quality of pet food, and if some pet foods use chicken feet and euthanized animals in their food - how can a pet owner know what they are getting in their pets' food?
pet food equipment supply

This big secret is found in ingredient definitions. Unlike 'people' food where you can pretty much look at the food to determine the quality, pet food is far different. All 'people' food must meet particular USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines. The same is not true for pet food. Chicken feet and euthanized cows are NOT allowed in people food for obvious reasons - they have no nutritional value or they could be dangerous to consume. The same is NOT true for pet food. The only way to know if those chicken feet or euthanized cows are in your pet's food is to know what ingredients they can be used in.
The common pet food ingredient 'Meat and Bone Meal' is basically a combination of many different discarded left-overs from the human food industry. Components of 'meat and bone meal' can be anything from cow heads, stomachs, and intestines, to (horrifying but true) euthanized animals including cows, horses and dogs and cats from veterinarian offices, animal shelters, and farms. And along with those euthanized animals the pet food also contains the drug pentabarbitol that was used to euthanize the animal. 'Meat and bone meal' can also contain left-over restaurant grease, and diseased (including cancerous) meat tissues cut away from slaughtered animals. In other words, this commonly used ingredient is a mix of highly inferior and potentially dangerous left-overs from the human food industry.
The pet food ingredient 'Meat By-Product' or 'Meat By-Product Meal' is pretty much the same thing as 'meat and bone meal'. It is a highly inferior pet food ingredient containing literally who-knows-what.

Another similar ingredient to the above is 'Animal Digest'.

As to the chicken feet I mentioned earlier - this item can be found in the ingredients 'Chicken By-Product' or 'Poultry By-Product' or 'Chicken By-Product Meal' or 'Poultry By-Product Meal'. Any left-overs in the chicken or poultry division - including but not limited to chicken feet, skin including some feathers, chicken or poultry heads, and intestines are found in these ingredients. It does NOT matter as to the health of the bird - sick, healthy, dead, dying...all is included in these ingredients.
So here is what you need to do...BEFORE you purchase any pet food, flip the bag over and closely examine the list of ingredients. The above mentioned ingredients would be listed within the first five or ten ingredients. If you see ANY of those ingredients - it is my suggestion to NOT purchase that food. Remember - chicken feet and euthanized animals do analyze as protein. That is all that is required in pet food - just the correct analysis.
pet health plan

Another little trick some pet food manufacturers use in this category is using grains and chemical additives to grain products to boost the protein percentages. Which is exactly the cause of the pet food recall that began in March 2007 - chemical proteins. Two different chemical additives - that have NO nutritional value to pets, but that analyzed as protein - were added to a grain product (wheat gluten, corn gluten, or rice gluten) solely to provide a cheap protein. Thousands of pets died and countless others became ill because no one counted on the problem of the combination of these two chemicals would cause kidney and urinary blockage. Again, their secret is the product has to analyze as having a particular amount of protein - no one is required to provide a quality meat protein.
While you are looking at the ingredient listing - you should also take note of how many grains (corn, wheat, rice) and/or how many grain products (corn gluten, whole corn, ground corn, whole wheat, ground wheat, wheat gluten, rice, brown rice, brewers rice, soy, and on and on) are listed within the first five or so ingredients. If you find more than one grain listed in the first five ingredients - that is telling you this pet food is acquiring some of its protein from grains.
Why is protein obtained from grains important for you to know? Several reasons - first off science proves that cats and dogs alike require and thrive on a meat protein. If a pet food is obtaining protein from grain sources, the pet is not getting the meat that it needs to thrive. Second, if the grain products are a corn gluten, wheat gluten, or rice gluten you take the risk of chemicals such as melamime added to it used strictly to boost the protein analysis. By the way, melamime is one of the chemicals found to be the cause of the March 2007 pet food recall. And there is one more concern with grains - aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a deadly mold that is common to corn, wheat, and soy and it's responsible for several other pet food recalls you probably never heard about. In December 2005, Diamond Pet Food contained moldy grains that killed over 100 pets before the product was recalled - all due to aflatoxin.
It is my recommendation to avoid any pet food that contains corn, wheat, or soy in ANY variation. The risk is simply too high.

Secret #4...

I've got more suggestions for you to look for in the ingredient listings...chemical preservatives. A very well kept secret of the pet food industry is their common use of chemical preservatives. BHA/BHT are very popular chemical preservatives used in pet food and science has linked them to tumors and cancer. Another common preservative is ethoxyquin which has known risks to cancer. Ethoxyquin is ONLY allowed in human food in some spices because of the very tiny proportions. However it is allowed in much higher proportions in pet food.
pet health problem

If you scan the ingredient listings, you will be looking for BHA/BHT and ethoxyquin listed anywhere. Commonly BHA/BHT is used to preserve the fat in the food which usually is found higher on the list. And also look for any of these chemicals towards the end of the ingredient listing. Personally, I wouldn't touch a pet food that contained these chemical preservatives. You want a pet food that is preserved naturally - common natural preservatives are 'natural mixed tocopherols' or 'vitamin E'.

Secret #5...

The very best food to provide to your pet is a well made food using human grade ingredients. That should be simple enough...How do you find that? You already know that pet food manufacturers are NOT allowed to make any statement as to quality or grade of ingredients, the only way you can find out the grade or quality of your pets' food is to call the manufacturer and ask them.
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Now, let's say you call the ABC pet food company and ask the question "Is your Premium dog food and Premium cat food made using human grade ingredients?" It could be that you get the response yes, we use human grade ingredients - when actually only a couple of ingredients are human grade. Here's the trick to asking...ask them if they are APHIS European certified.
Pet food manufacturers that are APHIS European certified assures you that ALL ingredients in their pet food are human grade. APHIS - Animal Plant Health Inspection Services - is a division of the USDA. APHIS European certification provides this pet food manufacturer with the opportunity to ship their foods/treats to Europe. When importing pet foods from the US, European countries demand that all ingredients are human grade and thus require this certification. Most pet food manufacturers that have APHIS European certification do not ship their products to Europe - they simply use this as a means to assure their customers to the higher quality of their ingredients.
Again, you WON'T see this listed on the label - it's not allowed. You must call the manufacturer and ask. Often times the representative of the pet food won't even know what you are talking about when you ask about APHIS certification - if that's the case, you can assume they are not APHIS European certified. APHIS European certification is a bonus to pet owners - it is not required or even suggested that any pet food manufacturer go through the extra steps to obtain this. This is a special effort some pet foods go through to tell their customers they REALLY CARE about the quality of their products. Personally, I would NOT buy a pet food that doesn't have it.
And by the way, if you can't reach the pet food manufacturer, or they do not return your call within a short time frame, lose their number! Any company that does not place a priority on answering customers questions - doesn't deserve your business!

Secret #6...

Minerals are a required ingredient in human diets as well as diets for our pets. Copper, Iron and Zinc are common minerals found in pet foods. Just as they are - copper, iron, and zinc are basically rocks, very difficult for anyone or any pet to utilize. Science has developed several ways to introduce minerals into the body (human and pet) for better absorption thus benefiting the individual far more. This scientific development is called chelating or proteinating and it's been around for years. Through the chelating or proteinating process minerals are absorbed about 60% better than just the minerals alone.
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This secret is spotting the minerals in your pet food to see if they are chelated or proteinated. Notice the minerals on your pet food label, way down on the list of ingredients. You are looking for minerals that read 'copper proteinate' or 'chelated copper'. If you see just the mineral listed, your pet is sort of like Charlie Brown at Halloween saying 'I got a rock'. If you want your pet to have the best, chelated or proteinated minerals are part of the best foods!

Secret #7...

This secret is called 'friendly bacteria'. Although 'friendly bacteria' sounds a little scary, the reason for it lies in your pets' intestinal system. A large portion of your pets' immune system is found within the intestinal system. Keeping the immune system healthy helps to keep the animal itself healthy. This friendly bacteria is similar to what's found in yogurt, however in pet food it is introduced in a fashion so that the cooking process doesn't destroy it. Looking at the fine print on your pet food label, this time you are looking for lengthy, scientific words like Lactobacillus Acidophilus or Bifidobacterium Thermophilum. If you do NOT see these words or some very similar, that pet food is not addressing the care of your pets' immune system. And again, if you want your pet to have the best, you want 'friendly bacteria' in their food.
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There are your seven very secrets to help you find the absolute healthiest and best pet food for your four-legged friend. Armed with those secrets - you now have the knowledge to find your pet the best food possible! A pet food that can extend their life and prevent early aging and disease. If you don't want to bother doing the homework involved, I urge you to subscribe to my monthly magazine Petsumer Report(TM). Through Petsumer Report(TM) I've done all the homework for you - each month I review and rate over 40 different pet foods, treats, toys, and various other pet supplies. It's the ONLY publication of its' kind providing pet owners with the information they need to know regarding their pet product purchases.

I want to share just a couple more things...

It's best to feed an adult dog or adult cat two meals a day. The nutrition they consume with two meals is better utilized than with just one meal a day. If you are currently feeding your pet one meal a day, split that same amount into two meals and feed in the AM and PM.
You should know that all canned or moist pet foods are anywhere between 70% to 85% moisture. This means that 70% to 85% of that can or pouch of food is useless nutrition - its water. Granted our pets need water, cats especially tend not to drink enough water. But since all canned or moist foods are mostly water, they do not provide adequate nutrition to be fed strictly a canned or moist diet. Use a canned or moist product to supplement your pet's diet - not as the only food.
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The best pet foods are preserved naturally (secret #4) - but there is a concern with naturally preserved pet foods...freshness. Take notice of the expiration date on your pets food label - typically with naturally preserved dry pet foods (not as much of a concern with soft foods because of canning - very little need of preservatives) the expiration date is one year to 18 months from the date it was manufactured. Let's say the pet food you are considering to purchase on July 1, 2007 has a 'Best if Used by' date of January 1, 2008. This would tell you that this particular bag of pet food is already 6 months old. While it is still 'good' a fresher food - a bag that is only 2 or 3 months old - is better. Naturally preserved pet foods lose nutritional potency with time. Always try to find a very fresh bag.
If you are considering changing your pets food, ALWAYS consult with your Veterinarian first. You should always keep your veterinarian advised of any changes you make with your pet. Don't take chances. And if you do switch pet food, make the change over very slowly. I always recommend to pet owners ¼ new food to ¾ old food for 4 to 7 days, ½ to ½ for another 4 to 7 days, and so on. Switching food quickly can cause intestinal disorder! Its short term, but we don't want intestinal disorder!!!
One last thing, as you are already aware dogs and cats have a far better sense of smell than humans. Their food bowl can be a wealth of smells - both good and bad. Some times a pet will refuse to eat simply because he or she smells a previous food in their bowl. Plastic food and water bowls retain odors the worst. And surprisingly so does stainless steel bowls. The best type of food and water bowl is a ceramic one. They retain odors the least.
"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." George Eliot.

I completely agree!